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  • David Roland
    Apr 3, 2007
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      I -me personally not my "office" as cryer - find another path that I
      think we should follow.

      I like how Justin put it. Keep this list open to anyone to post
      onto. Excercise self control and keep the posts to a minimum.

      We maintain a place where anyone can make announcements in a timely
      manner, make ride requests in a timely manner and if they have a
      question about something going on and get a timely and likely
      accurate response.

      Conversation and discussion outside these areas in my opinion - ME
      not the Cryer - should be kept to a minimum or taken off list to yes,
      Fraser's Oak's, after all the owner of the list has generously
      offered it and that IS what it is for OR to personal e-mails as Moira
      pointed out.

      The purpose of the list is so that we can communicate in a timely
      manner to fulfill the informaitonal needs of the various groups and
      SCA people in the area we here call Ayreton. This Yahoo! group is
      not and was not intended as a forum for conversation de jur.

      I believe that if you want to have those electronic conversations
      then do so but don't do it on THIS list. Take it to personal e-mails
      or the Fraser's Oak's as it has been offered. To me creating another
      list for Ayreton conversation and restricting who can post on this
      list will create the very communication problems that this list was
      created to solve.

      To me ANYONE should be able to post to this list. I as the Cryer CAN
      NOT and DO NOT respond to announcement requests fast enough to get
      things out that perhaps fall into the immediate category. These
      would be, "I need a ride to tomorrow's event," "Sorry but X,Y,Z
      activity is cancelled TONIGHT!" as well as the plethora of other

      It is because of this that I reiterate that I believe that ANYONE
      should be able to post to this list, we should, as we did previously,
      and as Justin pointed out, excercise self control and keep posts here
      to activties, events etc and to questions, comments and help
      associated with them. If you wish to have further conversation than
      that, as Moira suggested, take it elsewhere.

      Ian the Green
      giving his personal opinion not the Ayreton Towne Cryer's word on
      something... really they are different sometimes.
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