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905The Tyger Clerk of the Signet is looking for the following people

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  • David Roland
    Apr 3, 2007
      The Tyger Clerk of the Signet is looking for the following people
      From: Dianaim ingen Eochada

      1. The Tyger Clerk of the Signet is looking for the following people
      Posted by: "Dianaim ingen Eochada" tempestviolet@...
      Mon Apr 2, 2007 6:47 pm (PST)
      Greetings from Lady Dianaim ingen Eochada, Deputy to the East Kingdom
      Clerk of the Signet.

      The time has come where there is the need to ask the populous of the
      Kingdom and the Known World, to help us find good gentles from our
      Kingdom, both past and present, so that the Signet may be able to
      send them
      the scrolls that they so richly deserve.

      Though try as we may, we have been unable to deliver many a scroll
      from our
      backlog, due to not having the information needed to forward them

      Please help us if you can. If you are on this list, or know someone
      who is
      - please write me at backlog@eastkingdom .org and let me know how I
      may make

      Please pass this information feel free to re-post this information on
      other lists, local or Kingdom, you may have access too.

      In Service,

      Lady Dianaim ingen Eochada
      Deputy to the Tyger Signet
      Barony of Smoking Rocks

      ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _

      Adele de Lyon
      Aia duxtir Epponi
      Aislinn Finnvanna of Leioness
      Angus the Taylor
      Bardolph Karlson
      Ben of Broken Bridge
      Berengaria d'Hainault
      Beth just Richard
      Brother Joseph
      Christiana of Hampton
      Colin of Tadcaster
      Conn MacFainrith mhic Bhranin
      Demaian the Magyar
      Deroch the Wine Trader
      Domiana D'Acurio
      Donal of NewCastle-on- Tyne
      Donald just Richard
      Dorfinn Hall Morrisson
      Duncan Stuart MacBain
      Eibhlin ni Ghallchobair
      Elza of Settmoor Swamp
      Emelia Mazzo de Novella
      Fiachre Failroch
      Gabrielle d'Outre Mer
      Galleron de Crecy
      Griscin Uaineol
      Gudren Gudmunderdottir
      Guillamume de Cambrai
      Ivan D. Seigorff
      Ivar Volosatoi
      John of the Endless Quest
      Judith the Confused
      Karina Neuwald
      Katryne Black
      Mathilde of Nordskogen
      Meliora Cnox
      Michael Corvo
      Nicholas of the North
      Perceval Gower
      Ragnarr Two Axe
      Robert of Sugarbush
      Rowan of Westwood
      Rutger Magnussen
      Temu Kurghiz
      Theobald Halfoc
      Wolfgang der Sucher
      Zhora Kabenhair
      Zophia Kedzinska