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  • AlexdeSet@aol.com
    Apr 2 7:28 PM
      "Truth, time obscures. Fact decays, but myth endures." Quote of John Inchingham.
      Is mise le meas,
      Alexander de Seton
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      "Either we're inclusive or we're not.  Pretending we are if we aren't certainly does nothing."
      Yes, Purple, you're right on this but wrong on some of your facts.  In you're original post you said :
      "When we had the rotating practices, suddenly people didn't want to go
      to Ravenslake, and it felt to me like that group was being "excluded"
      from being party of Areyton in practice, if not in name."

      I was one of the people who pushed the idea of combining practices and I went to 90% of them when they started.   Many of the Treegirtsea and Gargoyles fighters traveled to the combined practices but the Ravenslake fighters didn't come in to the practices in the city.   (But they thought it was great when we went up there.)  After 6 months or so they were dropped out of the rotation because they weren't participating in the rotation.
      (who's really wondering and annoyed at how her low traffice announcement list has started clogging up her inbox)

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