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900RE: [Ayreton] Use of this list

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  • Sheehan, Justin
    Apr 2, 2007
      Would I be out of line in suggesting that we start an Ayreton-Discussion list for those locals who would like a list in which more regular discussion is allowed? I think this way we could keep the Announcements list for the business of the Lord Mayor, his adjutants, our town crier, and the odd anouncement (such as last week's) of births, accomplishments, and introductions. We could use the other list for broader, unofficial discussions of kingdom and society policies, practices, and any other issue which might incite debate and inundate our inboxes with undesired clutter. Just a thought.


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      > The Lord Mayor, Town Crier, and any other administrators of this list are not our babysitters. If we cannot restrain ourselves from frivolous posts and fomenting argument then the failing is ours, neither theirs nor that of the others who make regular, valid announcements. To restrict the list to a select few would prevent a number of viable announcements and any sort of efficiency in communication, particularly when a moderate amount of self control from us would solve the problem.

      Having a discussion on a discussion list isn't a lack of self control.
      It's using the list for it's purpose.

      If there weren't such a thing as an announcements list, Yahoo wouldn't
      give us the option.

      I don't care either way, although I always think that seeking to avoid
      discussion is wrong. If we don't have these necessary discussions
      here, we'll have them elsewhere.
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