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898Response to Everything......was Re: Rotation

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  • Valerie
    Apr 2, 2007
      Ok so I wrote a long email response on everything. I looked at it and
      decided to delete it and sum up my points.

      1. Anyone can go anywhere and play with whomever they want in the

      2. Rotating practices didn't work due to people that couldn't commute
      or chose not to. Instead it just led to many groups having competing
      practices on the same day. Many of the groups marshal's talked about
      it and most of the competeing groups settled on one day and one
      location for a combined practice. This ended lots of confusion and
      helped set things for those that can't commute outside of city public
      transit. Its been a very good thing for the area as a whole as we all
      see eachother and play together better now.

      3. Use common sense as to what is "Important" for the list do we all
      need to hear it or will a personal email to one person do? Do not try
      and create problems just so you can argue for the sake of arguing on
      the list. If someone does this ignore them. They WILL go away as
      it's hard to argue with oneself for long and if you do you'll prolly
      get removed from the list for spam anyway.

      4. We are all Aeyerton and it doesn't matter what practices are
      called so long as the people of aeyerton are all happy to have places
      to fight. If you truely have a problem with a group or groups
      practice name then show up to a group meeting and bring it up there.
      Talk to the marshals in charge if you REALLY feel it's an issue
      and "offensive".

      If someone disagree's or doesn't like what I've stated above feel
      free to say so but I will not respond. I feel no need to argue a
      point over and over again. It wastes everyones time and I'd rather be
      out fighting, sewing, working, playing, drinking, anything thats a
      lot of fun instead.

      Have fun, don't take yourself so seriously and for god's sake watch
      out for those pink fluffy bunnies....I hear they have sharp pointy

      Moira O'Dorran - I'm not feeling very p.c. today

      "That rabbit's DYNAMITE!"
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