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897Re: Rotation

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  • aldyet@broomstich.com
    Apr 2, 2007
      I would like to thank Bojei, for giving me a very fair & honest explanation.

      Thank you


      > Snip< After 6 months or so they were dropped out of the rotation
      > because they weren't participating in the rotation. >End snip
      > This might be a silly question from someone incredibly new to your area
      > but.... wouldn?t this be the point of having a rotation?
      > I would imagine that a benefit of a rotating practice would give those
      > who couldn?t travel an opportunity at least once a month to fight,
      > while giving those who can travel, an opportunity to fight different
      > people. If you had everyone who fought who could travel, did travel,
      > well then you could just have a permanent site, where everyone would
      > travel to...But since not everyone could travel, they could go when
      > they could. In my opinion, The emphasis shouldn?t be as much on "well
      > they didn?t show up when it was in a different area" as much as getting
      > as much people to show up, as often as possible.
      > I hope no one takes any offense, as I really don?t have an opinion one
      > way or another, as I am so incredibly new. I just want to make sure I
      > understand why the things they are, the way they are.
      > Aldyet
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