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893Re: [Ayreton] Use of this list

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  • Drew Nicholson
    Apr 2, 2007
      On 4/2/07, kateslists@... <kateslists@...> wrote:

      > "When we had the rotating practices, suddenly people didn't want to go
      > to Ravenslake, and it felt to me like that group was being "excluded"
      > from being party of Areyton in practice, if not in name."
      > I was one of the people who pushed the idea of combining practices and I went to 90% of them when they started. Many of the Treegirtsea and Gargoyles fighters traveled to the combined practices but the Ravenslake fighters didn't come in to the practices in the city. (But they thought it was great when we went up there.) After 6 months or so they were dropped out of the rotation because they weren't participating in the rotation.

      <shrug> That's not how I remember it. I remember lots of
      participating in Tree-Girt-Sea practices, in part because it was
      closer, and in part because there was a better chance of host-group
      members showing up.

      I also don't remember -any- discussion about whether or not Ravenslake
      should be dropped or not. Probably because there was the same kind of
      reaction then as there is to discussion now.

      If we want this to be an announcements list, then we should say that
      it's an announcements list, and only give certain people, like the
      "Mayor" and the "Town Crier" rights to post to it. Currently, that's
      not the case.

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