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86Apologize for use of bandwidth. (Looking for a new roommate)

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  • Valerie
    May 26, 2006
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      As of today I'm officially looking for a new person to move into the
      second bedroom of my appartment. It will take at least 1 month before
      you can move in but I'm looking into possibilities at the momment. The
      landlord has offered to let me sign a new lease with a new roommate
      however he'll still have to go through the process of evicting my
      current roommate who I've come to find has not been paying his bills.

      Apartment is on the NW side of chicago in lincoln square. It's a very
      nice neighborhood and right across the street from well's park.
      Grocery store is only 3 blocks away and not far from the brown line.

      If your interested email me or call 773-334-2566
      Moira O'dorran