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8475Bannockburn Demo

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  • Clint Anderson
    Aug 20, 2014
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      Hi all,
      Below is a copy of the demo info coming up in Bannockburn on Sept 7th.  I'm opening this up past the Ravenslake group because this demo will give us an opportunity for an indoor space for fight practice this winter.  I know Bannockburn isn't ideal for everyone, but it is pretty close to the old Northbrook site and well, I'll take what I can get at this point.

      So, if you are available to come and help the food will be provided for us that day and we are working on turning this into an indoor fight practice site.  The more bodies that show up, the better our chances are at getting in for the winter.  If you are available, please shoot me a note, or better yet, send it directly to Marie, she is organizing the demo and I'm sure she will sleep better knowing we have a few people showing up.  She is at

      MacGregorsCairn"AT" aol.com

      So, yeah, lets go fight for an indoor space.




      This is my ideal plan for the demo on Sunday, September 7. Naturally we’ll adjust according to what we actually have (especially people). 
      Please let me know if you'll be able to help out. Feel free to forward as desired - we really need people to turn out, especially fighters.
      The address is 2275 Telegraph Road, Bannockburn 60015 and does Googlemap correctly.
      Shire equipment:
      ·         Pavilions for A&S and gear dump
      o   Will drop the site a note to see if they can supply 2 tables for each pavilion
      o   Number of pavilions to set up will depend on number of people confirming in advance that they’ll be there – i.e., if I don’t have an active C&I table going, that’s one less tent we’ll put up
      ·         List ropes
      ·         Table for waterbearing (site will provide a cooler of water)
      ·         Any and all banners/poles available
      ·         Bring your own chair – if it’s a modern-style chair, plan to cover it.
      A&S displays:
      ·         Pavilion 1: Fiber Artists (12’ x 18’ “Shire dorm” marquee)
      o   Static displays: “sheep to shawl,” bobbin lace, garb, etc – whatever we can come up with to show off
      o   Artisans: actively working on projects and able to discuss them with interested populace
      ·         Pavilion 2: Scribes (12’ Shire round)
      o   Static displays: scrolls, materials and source documents, C&I in the modern world
      o   Artisans: actively working on projects and able to discuss them with interested populace
      ·         Pavilion 3: Other A&S (pavilion needed)
      o   Any other static or active displays
      o   Armor/weapon displays are fine if under active control of an SCA person – NOT unattended
      o   SCA contact cards and brochures available here
      ·         Pavilion 4: Gear dump (Marie’s 8’ x 10’ wedge)
      o   For stashing armor, modern clothes, etc
      o   Will remain closed at all times
      ·         Setup will start at 9:00am in this order:
      o   Gear dump
      o   Battlefield
      o   Other pavilions
      o   Banners and tables
      o   Displays
      ·         Shuttles will run from the Trinity University parking lot (2065 Half Day Rd, Deerfield 60015) starting at 10am. Our vehicles need to be out of the site lot and parked at Trinity ASAP after unloading. (There should be signage there – will confirm that with site folks.)
      ·         Festival opens at 10am - demo begins at noon.
      ·         Battlefield schedule:
      o   12:15 – 20-minute “Exhibition of Knightly Combat” (i.e., heavy fighting; if not enough fighters for last-man-standing melee, then bearpit or similar)
      o   12:45 – 20-minute “Exhibition of Rapier Combat” (ditto)
      o   1:15 – 20-minute “Exhibition of Knightly Combat”
      o   1:45 – 20-minute “Exhibition of Rapier Combat”
      o   2:15 – 15-mimute concert by Pippins, Baron’s Noyse, or Court & Country if one of those groups is available; or, exhibition of Period dances
      o   2:30 – Battlefield Court
      §  presentation to Village
      §  acknowledgement of tourney winners
      §  having a Baron/ess of some flavor to preside would be great, otherwise we can do a “seneschal’s court” or the person in the best garb becomes the Laird for the day
      ·         Pipers/drummers (non-SCA) will perform after Court until 4pm.
      ·         Bonfire will be lit at 4pm.
      ·         Our teardown begins 4:30pm, off site by dark.
      Other details:
      ·         Food (free to us) will be available until 3pm – eat at your own schedule.
      ·         Battlefield constables and waterbearers would be appreciated, especially on the side nearest the playground equipment.
      ·         Musicians may perform among the crowd or in the A&S pavilions EXCEPT during the herald’s intro to combat exhibitions. Please note that the Bears’ pre-season game is expected to be shown on a TV somewhere on the grounds, so be courteous in its vicinity.
      ·         If not actively involved elsewhere, feel free to mingle with crowd as “color.”
      ·         14th-Century kit is especially appreciated but not required.
      Modern: Nita L. Lewis
      SCA: THL Marie la Fauconniere, CDH, OW
      Midlands Regional Seneschal / Chatelaine of Ravenslake
      "In wine there is wisdom. In beer there is freedom. In water there is bacteria."