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8473October RSO Fair at U of C

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  • rayvenwolffe@ymail.com
    Aug 18, 2014
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      The RSO fair at U of C is Friday, October 3rd 12-4ish. I need to get a list together of people who can make it for both fighting demonstration and A&S/general talking. I will also need people to come out to practice at Ida Noyes that Sunday, the 5th. I'll need fighters willing to work pell with new students and again, people to discuss any A&S interests. 
      I'll be making up some sekanjabin, a couple types of cookies, and probably some bread to have both at the RSO fair and lunch on Sunday during the practice. 
      Let me know if you can make it Friday or Sunday or both and what you'd be willing to bring/do.
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