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8471Congratulations to the Ayreton 2014 William Blackfox Nominees from the Middle Kingdom

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  • Sarafina Sinclair
    Aug 13 11:45 PM
      Hot of the presses of the September Pale from the office of the Kingdom Chronicler:

      "The best part of this job is recognizing excellence in local and baronial publications. Every year, the Kingdom Chronicler (that’s me, if you are keeping score) puts together a list of newsletters to submit to the Society Chronicler for consideration for the William Blackfox Award. The following newsletters, authors and chroniclers have gone that extra mile:

      Best Article
      Honorable Mention - Fox Tales (Canton of Foxvale), January 2014, article “A question of time...” by Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester; Chronicler: Baron Thorvald Redhair (Ron Sargent)

      Best Regular Feature
      Honorable Mention - Zephyr (Barony of Ayreton), July 2013, cartoon “Emma” by Merril Miller; Chronicler: Sarafina Sinclair 

      Best Layout/Design
      Honorable Mention - Fox Tales (Canton of Foxvale), October 2013; Chronicler: Baron Thorvald Redhair (Ron Sargent)

      Best Overall
      Winner - Fox Tales (Canton of Foxvale), April 2014; Chronicler: Baron Thorvald Redhair (Ron Sargent)"

      Congratulations to Her Excellency, Nadezda, and His Excellency, Thorvald, for all the wonderful work they've done. It is no easy job to be a chronicler and it marvelous to see our own recognized for their work.


      All the best,

      Midlands Regional Chronicler

      Baroness Sarafina Sinclair, OL, OP