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8439Temp. Transplant looking for info

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  • philo_2727
    Jul 8, 2014
      Greetings to the Barony Ayreton,My name is Kiena the Blue. I'm from Caid (Los Angeles). I will be spending a few months in Chicago for work starting the end of July. I will be living in the "west loop" as far as I can tell from the info I've been given. Near Madison and Clinton St.I plan to bring my armor and some garb so I can come out and play and meet some new folks!I have a few questions:What group will I be in? What is the current fighter practice schedule in the Chicago area and maybe nearby areas? An hour drive would be acceptable. I will have a wonky schedule and I'm curious of my options once work settles. And any great events relatively close to Chicago that I should keep an eye on?Thank you in advanced for the info and I look forward to spending some time in Ayrerton.YIS THLady Kiena the Blue Squire to Duke Edward the Sinister, Caid.
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