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  • Christian Fournier
    Jun 6, 2014
      Hi, Susan—  I don’t think you meant to reply to the list, but as you have done, I hope you won’t mind that I weigh in, based on my understanding of the situation as a long-time rapier marshal.

      The SCA recognizes that there are some things that SCA members do, which are not necessarily “SCA activities”;  essentially, the distinction comes down to whether the SCA’s insurance is covering the activity (though there are some other ramifications, as well, some of which I’ll get into below).

      Officially SCA martial activities can only be run under the supervision of a warranted marshal— thus, any practice held without a marshal present is not an official SCA activity. Obviously, should an insurance claim arise from a practice at which no marshal was present, the Society would have an easy out: they weren’t involved in the practice.

      Sometimes, facilities are arranged by private individuals (for example, the Thieves of Hearts had access to Glenbrook North High School’s facilities not because of their standing within the SCA, but because an employee of that district arranged access).  When Drew has people over to his back-yard, I expect it’s quite clear that it’s not considered an SCA activity per se.  I don’t know Kith’s negotiations with the church, but it seems reasonable to expect that the church might understand that the insurance liability lies between itself and the individuals who are using the space (that is, I don’t think the church expects the SCA to carry the liability).

      In the case of the Grey Gargoyles practices at Ida Noyes, the University makes its facilities available because of the group’s standing as a student group; it’s possible that, were the Society to indicate that the student group was out of compliance with the national organization, the University would stop providing its space to us (I don’t know if that’s the case, actually, but it’s certainly possible).  So, it makes sense to be more careful about sticking to the SCA’s rules, in that practice.

      Of course, it’s also true that any event publicized in an official SCA publication (including the Midrealm.org website, and the Pale, but not this yahoo group nor Facebook) is an SCA event— but I don’t think that any of these practices are so publicized…

      I hope this helps both to clarify the issue of when practices are “official” and when they’re “unofficial”.


      On Jun 6, 2014, at 10:40 AM, susan mickelson mickel14@... [Ayreton] <Ayreton@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      since you're a friend, I'll let you in on a pet peeve of mine:  yes, practices have to have a marshal.  sort of.  sometimes.

      Official Kingdom law is Yes, they have to have a marshal.  Especially if they are advertised as an official SCA practice.

      But that law is rarely enforced.  The Thieves of Hearts practice has never had a marshal for heavy weapons unless Master Einarr shows up, which is very rare.  But they advertise heavy weapons are welcome.  The Wednesday night practice up in the church on the north side didn't have a marshal for a long time until Dru and Seamus finished their paperwork.  Kith is a marshal, and he would go unlock the church, and then go home.  Back before I got my marshallate, there were lots of times when Sunday practice was just me and Ack.  Wolfram was officially responsible, but he would rarely show up.

      My issue is that I was told repeatedly that Sunday practice would get cancelled if we didn't have an official marshal.  So I did all the work and was responsible for it for years.  And now that Sir Thomas is officially the marshal responsible for practice, he may or may not show up.  Apparently I'm the only one who has been told that practice HAS to have a marshal.

      So practice happens all the time without a marshal. And I'm the only one who seems to be taught to care.