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84Begining Rapier Class This Sunday @ 2:30

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  • Valerie
    May 25, 2006
      Just a reminder that the begining rapier class will be this sunday at

      Due to the holidays I've been slowing down so that way if you have
      missed a bit you can still easily jump right back in.

      Currently this is what I have planned for Sunday.

      Attack Drills
      Lunge W/Sword
      Tennis Ball Game-Point Control
      Basic Attacks-
      Calibration hitting the wall
      Breaking the Wrist
      Attack From Parry Positions
      Attack While Parrying(Explain the true edge concept)
      Attacking While Moving
      Turning the Body to Gain Distance

      Defense Drills
      Review Parries 1-4
      Body Voids
      Stepping Offline
      Removing the Target Area
      Parry With Sword and Body

      Equipment and Armor Overview.

      Getting People out there to fight.
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