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8359Arrow-building, salve-crafting, and other anachronistic activity

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  • Lesli H
    Apr 11, 2014

      In preparation for Summer events, would the populace be interested in:
      -Constructing arrows & bowstrings (arrows are a 2-day project)
      -Crafting all-natural salves (These are awesome)
      -Sewing cooling neck wraps for hot days of camping & play (These are awesome too)

      If so, Sven & Medb invite you to a pre-war craft day, in May. There will also be space and certain tools for:
      -Illumination & Calligraphy
      -General shenanigans

      You will be fed! Bring friends if you like!

      Save May 31st for this gathering.  (the 1st optional for those working on arrows. If you cannot return, talk to Sven.)
      Planning now helps get materials in time. Get prepared for Summer & take home knowledge & neet stuff!

      For the Dream!


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