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8332requesting advice about high school teaching

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  • Fern
    Mar 24, 2014
      Dear Ayreton,

      I'm looking for someone who can give advice to my scientist colleague about becoming a high school science teacher.

      My buddy Jeff was terminated from the same company as me. He now has an opportunity to enter a program that will get him a provisional teaching certificate by September. He has to decide within the next month whether he wants to make the effort.

      Does anyone have some time to talk to him and answer his questions about high school teaching? Basically, he wants to know if there are some jobs available in September, and what teaching is like. He lives in Wilmette, so he's hoping for a job in the north suburbs.

      Jeff has a lot of free time just now, so he can adjust his schedule to suit yours. Phone, skype, or personal meeting would be OK with him.

      Thanks for your help!


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