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8289Teacher begging!

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  • Metylda
    Jan 29, 2014
      We still have room for teachers!
      The Shire of Ravenslake is hosting another A&S Education Day on March 1 at the John T Magee Middle School in Round Lake, IL and we are looking for teachers to help fill out our schedule! This is a great event to try out a class, for first time teachers, and to pull out your favorite class and dust if off and teach it!
      We are looking for classes of all sorts including SCA life/SCA-esque, discussions on any topic, C&I, garb, and more. Please drop me a line here or at metylda at gmail if you are interested in teaching with your name, class title, and a description! We have room enough for classes for rapier or heavy instructions as well.

      We have Cut and Thrust classes! We have fiber arts! We need more!

      If anyone would like to display, we will have room for demonstrations as well as for displays. Contact me and we will be sure to have space for you!

      We look forward to hosting you, and many others on this day to celebrate the Arts and Sciences!


      Metylda of Ravenslake
       metylda at gmail .com
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