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8270Helping our SCA Brothers and Sisters

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  • dragonsayer84
    Jan 13, 2014
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      This area has a wonderful program called the Midrealm Takes Care of it's Own.  Now I believe that this caring for our brothers and Sisters can spread from the Midrealm to the far reaches of the Knowne Worlde. 

      A gentle from the good kingdom of Artemesia contacted me about a month ago, in regards to getting long term crash space for her husband so that he might undergo some specialized medical care from Northwestern University. My previous email on this subject never made it to the list and my mundane life drama prevented me from double checking on this until now.   He has previously had a stroke, and is receiving treatment so that he might regain his ability to read, write, and speak. 
      He would be here for about a month, from Jan 27- Feb 20.  The only true requirement for the crash space would be that it not have any cats.  He is severely allergic. 

      Now, he can stay with me, however I am a little far away from Northwestern than they would like, so the logistics would be difficult but doable. 
      If anyone who lives closer to the University Hospital  might be able to accommodate this gentle I would love for you to contact me so that I might get you into communication with his wife. 

      I do hope that we can come together and help our brother from Artemesia.

      Saraswati man.Ikkam