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8259Desription of Class At TGS 12th NIght

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  • Andrea Dubnick
    Jan 4, 2014
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      Here is a full description for the class I will be teaching at 12th Night.


      The Bastoncello of Fiore dei Liberi taught by Baron AElfred of Chester

      Fiore dei Liberi, dating about 1400 AD,  is the earliest known Italian master of arms who has passed down his system of fighting in writing to us. In one set of plays he teaches the use of the bastoncello, a short baton carried as a military symbol of rank, for self defense.

      Participants in this class will learn the plays that Fiore has left us as interpreted by Baron AElfred.

      Participants should bring a wooden dowel rod of 3/4 to one inch diameter cut to 18 inches in length and protective eye wear such as shop glasses or equivalent. The instructor will have a limited number of loaners.