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819Re: [Ayreton] Re: Pennsic and heavy fighters

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  • AlexdeSet@aol.com
    Mar 26, 2007
           I would have expected thatto be ">an< Ayreton Fighter practice takes place at Grey Gargoyles.", since I know >an< Ayreton fighter practice takes place in Ravenslake-and, I suspect Tree-Girt-Sea, Vanished Wood, Rokkehealden, and Foxvale.
           Of course, I could be mistaken. My appologies if I misapprehend.
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      Sent: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 7:54 PM
      Subject: [Ayreton] Re: Pennsic and heavy fighters

      Personally I think this is a great idea. The Ayreton Fighter
      Practice takes place at the Shire of Grey Gargoyles Sundays starting
      around 1 or 2 p.m.

      You certainly can bring up the idea there. I know some of the
      fighters who practice there, including 2 of the Sgts for Midlands,
      are planning to go to Pennsic and are melee oriented.

      Also there is a practice every Tuesday starting at 6:30 p.m. at the
      Thieves of Hearts Practice site. There is enough room that should
      there be enough interest melee practice can certainly happen.

      Some helpful suggestions for Ayreton fighter practices I know about.

      There ARE other fighter practices in the area but I do not know
      their amenability to melee practices.


      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups .com, Scribesquire@ ... wrote:
      > Yes, I understand that. What I was thinking, and did not express
      very well, was something like you described "..as units within the
      division..". With the unit being the Ayreton region.
      > Henry of Exeter
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      > From: drew n <drewnmt@... >
      > At Pennsic, the regions fight as divisions, essentially.
      Individual houses inside those regions may fight as units within the
      division, but the Midlands, as a region, has a heavy commander
      (Vargas), XOs (Tuge and Sabah) and Serjants (whose names I can't all
      remember, but they include Gintaras, and two others). The rapier
      regional commander is Anton, and I don't know who his officers are.
      There was a post about this on Fraiser's Oak, which is the regional
      email list; it's hosted by Yahoo.
      > The Midlands is traditionally one of the smaller regions, fighter-
      wise, at Pennsic, so we're always looking to increase our numbers.
      If you're going to Pennsic, contact Vargas or Tuge or Sabah to make
      sure you're in the count! (I've CC'd Sgt. Tuge and his assistant,
      Sgt. Angelique, simply because I know their email addresses, and I
      don't know Sabah's or Vargas'.)
      > As far as non-affiliated fighers getting together to practice;
      that's definitely good. Line tactics, shield-wall, triads; all of
      these will work within the larger context of the midlands unit.
      It's also a good idea to try and make it to the big practices, like
      the one in Blackhawk coming up at the end of April, because there's
      nothing like training in a large unit.
      > P
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      > From: "Scribesquire@ ..." <Scribesquire@ ...>
      > To: Ayreton@yahoogroups .com
      > Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007 12:18:03 PM
      > Subject: [Ayreton] Pennsic and heavy fighters
      > Greetings to all,
      > After the wonderful spirit of co-operation that existed over
      this last weekend's event I was thinking (always a dangerous
      thing). How many heavy fighters do we have that are going to
      Pennsic but do not belong to any organized household/group? If we
      have enough (besides myself) perhaps we could begin practicing as a
      group with the thought of fighting together? Let me know off list
      of your interested. Scouts too!!
      > Why limit it to just heavy combat? Perhaps the rapier folks
      can do the same?
      > This is assuming that I did not miss something and that this
      does not already exist in some form (and if that is the case, my
      humblest apologies to one and all).
      > Henry of Exeter
      > Scribesquire@ comcast.net
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