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8174Joint Royal University of the Midrealm and Aethelmarc Academy, Nov 2, 2013

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  • Ian Green
    Sep 30, 2013
      From the Chancellor of RUM,

      Event Website:  http://no-gorsedd.com/rum2013/

      forwarded by request:
      Everyone has been asking about Youth Classes at the Upcoming Joint Session Academy/RUM. Here is the current list:

      Stick Weaving - learn the basics of weaving with the ancient art of stick weaving. At the end of this hands-on class have the start of a belt, bracelet, or decoration. Teacher Baroness Caroline de Mercier - length 1 hr. – open to all ages, adults welcome, Students under 8 need an adult with them.

      Youth crossbow making - make a usable 10-15 lb. crossbow in class. Receive a write up on it and have fun learning about using a crossbow. Teacher Gebhard von Lozengia – length of class 1 hr. – class is for youth ages 10 and up, adults welcome.

      Introduction to pewter casting – learn the art of making a cast and pouring pewter. Students will carve a simple mold and leave class with a pewter piece cast from the mold. Teacher Master Philippe de Leon – length of time 1 hr. – class is for youth ages 8 and up. If youth is accompanied by adult, youth may pour the pewter, if not, instructor will do so.

      Storytelling is fun – class will inform students of period storytelling and of how to find, make, and tell stories. Many examples will be given, both in writing and orally. Teacher Baroness Caroline de Mercier – length of time 1 hr. – all ages with adults welcome 

      Basic jewelry making – this will be an introduction to period jewelry and how it was made. Teacher The Honorable Lady Elizabethe Alles – length of class 1 hr. – recommended for older youth with adults welcome

      “Play-do” marzipan– this class will be hands on experience with marzipan and many types of edible miniature fruit objects will be made. Warning to those with food allergies: almonds and egg whites will be used, as well as food coloring. This can be a bit messy, but lots of fun. Teacher The Honorable Lady Aasa Sorensdottir - length of class 1 1/2 hr. Class limited to those over 8. Adults welcome. 

      This is also the first post for my contest. Starting here and now, whoever crossposts the these Academy/RUM updates to the most groups, elists, etc., will have their entry fee for Pennsic next year paid. This also includes like and shares on Facebook. This is based on the honor system and you keep track. SO GET POSTING!


      Yours In Service,

      THLord Ian the Green

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