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8173Help needed for the start of the U of C school year

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  • susan mickelson
    Sep 25, 2013
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      Unto All I Give Greetings!
      The beginning of the school year is an important time in any student group, and we would really like to recruit some new U of C students so that we can continue to have a presence there on campus.
      Next Friday (October 4th) is the SCA demo at the new students fair at U of Chicago.  We would like to have a good showing of SCA people and skills to entice the students to join us.  Set up is at 2 pm on the main quad of campus, and the students will start asking questions at 3 (we will be in the field house in case of inclement weather).  In years past we have had several people in garb/armor at the table or walking around the fair to answer general questions and talk about arts and sciences, and then direct students interested in fighting off to the side where they can hit fighters in armor.  If you cannot come answer questions or be hit, please consider sending a piece of work to display on the table.
      The following Sunday (October 6th) will be a super big practice outside Ida Noyes Hall at 2 pm.  We need as many experienced fighters as possible to please come.  Last year we had around 20 new students want to fight, and we were able to pair each student with an experienced fighter to hit and learn from.  We would also like to have people doing arts and sciences, rapier fighters and dancers to teach their skills, and period food available for the students to try.
      I will be happy to coordinate who is bringing/doing what, so if you are at all available to come to one or both of these demos, please let me know what you would be interested in bringing or doing.
      in service I remain,
      -Susanna the Short