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8158Foxhunt IX - A Mongolian Naadam

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  • Kelli
    Sep 4, 2013
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      September 7th 2013 9am-9pm
      Plowman's Park
      Big Rock IL

      Good Gentles! Come and join the Canton of Foxvale for our 9th annual event. We have chosen to honor our Mongolian Brothers with a Naadam, complete with "mounted rapier tourney," heavy combat, and ARCHERY!. 

      If more peaceful activities are what you crave, there will be classes, period board games, merchants, a scribal playroom, and children's activities. 

      A hearty Lunch will be served on site for $6.

      A magnificent Mongolian feast will be served for $10 

      There will be a Baronial Court! 

      Check the website for more information. 

      Come enjoy one of the last outdoor events of the year. 86 degrees and sunny!