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8131Re: Thanks to all who came out to yesterday's demo!

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  • Lesli H
    Aug 13, 2013
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      The demo at Jefferson Market was an outstanding idea, Your Excellency! It is my happy privilege to introduce two wonderful women, whose first Ayreton experience was on Sunday. You will find them both in our Barony of Ayreton group on Facebook:

      Robin Griffith picked up a harp at the demo, and after twenty years of not playing, tuned it beautifully and played for us most of the event (in garb). She had planned to attend to Pennsic, but life interrupted. Robin is a graduate student. We visited further at the home of Tom and Merril after the demo. When Sven and I left there, she was still visiting with Dougale and Jane.

      Grey Litaker jumped right into service, manning the display/merchant table and handing out flyers (at which time I teased about making her a deputy chatelaine, as her eyes grew like saucers and Fern saved her by explaining that she was new to all this SCA stuff). She knows her way around a rapier, attended culinary school focusing on the middle ages, knocked my socks off over any historical topic we lightly covered (for my sake), and was more than interested in the heavy fighting demonstration.

      Get to know them. There are many groups and activities that surely will benefit from their involvement, as well as feed their interests, and, besides that, they are just wicked cool.

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