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813Greetings from the New Lord Mayor

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  • desroches56
    Mar 26, 2007
      Greetings Unto All the Good Gentles of the Area of Ayreton

      I am most proud, yet humble to be addressing you as your new Lord
      Mayor. This is both a happy and momentous day for me, as this is a
      position of responsibility which I bear quite seriously. My many
      thanks to my predecessors in this office, and to those whose efforts
      have helped develop this successful effort in regional cooperation.
      Much has been done, and much more can be accomplished with vision
      and participation by all of us.
      My immediate desire is to increase the visibilty of the
      Mayor's office by creating a presence that will be seen at all area
      events, as well as outside our area to promote a unified image
      throughout the kingdom. This will also help facilitate contact with
      the populace, to foster comments and suggestions from all. Toward
      that end, feel free to contact me either in person, or online at
      spdesroches@... with your positive comments and suggestions.

      In Service to Ayreton and The Middle Kingdom

      THL Etienne le Couteau des Roches
      ODH, OSO, APF, GoA (Atlantia), AoA (Atlantia)
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