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8121Introducing Baronial Deputy Chatelaines

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  • ladymaieve
    Aug 8 11:06 AM
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      I am pleased as punch to announce two noble gentles who have joined the Baronial Office as Deputy Chatelaines:

      Baroness Bridget Murphy, having served our Kingdom Royals, her household, our proud Barony of Ayreton, and her Canton of Rockhealden for many years, has agreed to the title of Deputy Chatelaine for the Barony of Ayreton. Her knowledge and love of the Society is invaluable to helping all citizens of Ayreton, particularly our beloved new members.

      Webminister, Lord Dunstan Bramblette (mka, Rob Hicks) of Tree-Girt Sea, has stepped forward as Deputy Chatelaine Demo Coordinator. His years of experience and passion for the Society have inspired him to create a broader network with colleges, universities, libraries, and communities within our boundaries as resource for anyone desiring to hold an SCA demonstration.

      We, and each esteemed Canton Chatelaine, serve the populace of Ayreton. Bring on the new people!

      Baronial Chatelaine, Ayreton
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