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8115Baroness Wars I

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  • Terry
    Aug 8, 2013
      Greetings Ayreton,

      I write this missive with a heavy heart. In just over two weeks your own fair Baroness Nadezda will face the forces of tyranny upon a southern field of battle. Her honor has been questioned and her very name has been besmirched by the other baronesses of the Midlands. Those same baronesses are rallying their forces be they armored, rapier, or archer, to force Nadezda to become their puppet! Even if I was not the Baron I could not stand idly by and let such a travesty happen unanswered. I shall go south and stand with Nadezda against these armies, no matter how vast they be.
      I ask you, good Citizens of Ayreton, will you stand by and let your Baroness become a figured head for these power mad Baronesses? If you are of a like mind with me, you will venture to the fields of St Ethyl on the 24th of August and let these vile forces know that Ayreton and its Baroness will not be bullied!

      In service and with hope,
      Captain Henry of Exeter
      Baron Ayreton

      PS the above is all in good natured fun. Yes, the other baronies of the Midlands are going to unite to face us upon the field of battle but all with smiles on our faces and good times on our minds.
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