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806Carnivale event report

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  • suzanearley@comcast.net
    Mar 26, 2007
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      cash: $1224
      checks: $890
      Total: $2114
      These are all the receipts I have. If there are any more outstanding, please get them to me.
      NMS: $63 (21 non-members showed up)
      Food: $108.11+$71.19+$612.04+$7.32=$798.66
      Judge lunches: $82.75
      Supplies: $33.21
      Total: $977.62
      Net Income: $1136.38
      Split 6 ways is $189.40
      Thanks to Iago, Bojei and Ottokar for helping me chef!
      Thanks to Hillary, Gareth, and the other kitchen elves (whose names I didn't get)!
      Special thanks to Gareth for climbing into the big refridgerator to disinfect it (only one door opened)!!
      Thanks to Birgitta who donated the bread on the table and two bottles of sekanjebin syrup!
      Thanks to Cerian for pitching in as server wrangler at the last minute!
      Checks should be signed sometime this week and either hand-delivered or sent out. I need addresses for those that need to be sent.