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7997Doc needs a Doctor

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  • Jenna A K
    May 9 1:40 PM
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      Hello Everyone! Hope we get to see a good bunch of you at CAD this weekend. I know this is very last minute to the public, but we will be having a fundraiser for Doc Joc from Northshield. Our dear friend was diagnosed with cancer, details below. Some of the warders have graciously donated their time on the field to assist with raising some money to help Joc and his wife. Bouts will be $1 OBR fundraising fight at CAD, holding the field against all comers. Any donations will graciously be accepted. If you have any questions please feel free to email me, Keiley, at jak238 at gmail dot com with questions. Hope to see you all there!


      Good Warders,
      My husband Jack (who you may remember as Jock McKee) has been
      diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. He is in good spirits and
      good health, otherwise. I apologize for not alerting his friends,
      foes, and fellows from the Midrealm earlier- absolutely no slight was
      intended, as most people in Northshield were informed by word of
      mouth. Word of mouth apparently takes a year to reach across a few
      states- I apologize again for not taking that into account. We have a
      website set up for those interested in receiving updates on his
      condition and care, available at www.caringbridge.org/visit/jackthill
      . In order to keep spam and hackers out, you will need to create a
      login and password, and I'm sorry for that extra annoyance. Be aware
      that it advertises "tribute donation"- those donation do not go to
      Jack, but rather to the caringbridge.org foundation, which creates and
      maintains the website.
      I have heard that some of you have expressed interest in running a
      fundraiser. We are so grateful for those kind thoughts- and humbled by
      your generosity. While we would be fools to turn down any and all
      help, please know that our situation is not dire- Jack has excellent
      insurance and we are both able to work. Should the situation change, I
      will notify folks through our website above so that efforts can be

      Finally, thank you for your good thoughts and honest hearts. Our
      friends and family bring my Jack more support than he feels he
      deserves, and I believe it is that support which keeps him strong and
      able to face the fight.
      Yours in service,
      Lady Sile di Cellini,
      wife of Don Jock McKee