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7989Illinois General Assembly bill restricting homebrew

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  • Ryan Pierce
    May 7, 2013
      Hail and well met!

      I have recently learned of HB0630 which, if adopted, severely impacts home
      brewing within the state of Illinois. It passed the Illinois House 118-0.

      Full text is here:


      Now IANAL, but from what I can gather, if this becomes law:

      Homebrew (including beer, wine, mead, cider, etc.) can only be consumed
      at private residences or private locations and not made available for
      consumption by the general public. This might impact persons bringing
      their own homebrew to wet event sites, serving donated mead at feasts to
      guests or the Royals, or A&S class teachers providing samples to students.

      It creates an exception for a "homebrewer special event permit" for
      competitions or tastings. The language of this is dense, but it seems like
      one must obtain a $25 permit from the state, and each attendee may not
      receive more than 4 ounces of wine or 16 ounces of beer in total.

      Now this bill has not yet passed, it could be amended at any time, and
      I really can't say for sure what it will do. But I think it warrants
      further observation and consideration.

      THL Ryan Murdoch Mackenzie
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