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7987Re: demo request - Deerpath Middle School, Lake Forest IL

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  • marie_la_f
    May 6, 2013
      Good morning, folks,

      Thank you to everyone who has responded! I believe we'll have enough
      people available to do both a morning (10:10am - 12:20pm) and an
      afternoon (1:45pm - 3:30pm) section.

      Please confirm your availability for either or both sessions. (And YES,

      Marie: all day - emcee, daily life, heraldry, rapier
      Kristiana: morning - topics?
      Metylda: morning - fiber arts
      Hilla: which session(s)? - music and storytelling
      Anna Rakel (Midlands MoY): which session(s)? - stained glass
      Abbess Katherine: which session(s)?
      Maggie: which session(s)? - games and diversions
      Michael Arendt: which session(s)? - blacksmithing
      Kevin Ambrozijwski: which session(s)? - topics?
      Saraswati: which session(s)? - topics?

      Their usual plan with outside presenters is to do three 40-minute
      sessions in the morning; at that time, the grade is broken into 3
      groups and will cycle through all three presentations. (The kids move,
      not us, so we can set up static displays.) The afternoon is two
      25-minute sessions, then everyone together for a final 45 minutes.
      Their study emphasis has been on feudalism and on "life on the manor".
      A section on "dress the Lady" or "armour the Knight", as well as the
      Who Will Survive? game, would go over well.

      We can do combat so long as we have the appropriate marshal (I've
      already confirmed that our weapons are permitted). It will be in the
      final session (2:45 - 3:30) and weather permitting will be outside.

      I'm meeting with the school's contact person on Wednesday afternoon and
      will find out how many kids to plan for, whether we can buy lunch in
      the cafeteria or will need to make other lunch arrangements, and any
      other needs or restrictions there might be.

      The school is just off Highway 41 in Lake Forest, very easy to get to.
      Thank you, everyone!
      Modern: Nita L. Lewis
      SCA: THL Marie la Fauconniere, CDH, OW, Meadows Herald, Midlands
      Regional Seneschal
      Shire of Ravenslake, Midlands, Kingdom of the Middle
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