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7982Last minute note and THANK YOU!

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  • Sarafina Sinclair
    May 3, 2013
      Good Morning Friends,
      Tomorrow, the eyes of the kingdom will be upon us as we play host to one of the most important events in the life of a kingdom. The succession has been secured and we will witness the peaceful transfer of power. It is a solemn ceremony and cause for a great celebration. There are not enough ways to say thank you to everyone who is volunteering their time and talents to make sure that we have a great day. Nothing is perfect and there will be a few hiccups to be sure. However, I am confident that we will rise to the occasion and make the most of any situation that arises. We were specifically requested to host Coronation for a reason and that reason is all of you.
      Thank you.
      On an administrative note:
      Parking is going to be an interesting challenge tomorrow. There is a lot behind the church that is reserved for key event staff, royalty, and the fighting lists. If you have not already been given prior permission to park there, please do not. There is a lot directly across the street. Once that is full, there is street parking available as well. Several of the streets in the surrounding area are coded as permit parking. Be sure to read all the street signs before you park to make sure that you don't end up in a place that is likely to get your car ticketed and/or towed. The best way to ensure yourself a spot in the lot is to arrive early.
      Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
      In service,

      Baroness Sarafina Sinclair, OL, OP