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  • vrayhill
    Apr 16 12:40 PM
      I want to remind everyone that scribe night is at my house in Des Plaines every Tuesday night.

      Tonight we will have a special guest, Tiarna Mael Eoin mac Echuid
      Baron-elect of the Barony of Bhakail, East Kingdom.

      He was at Ayreton Carnival this weekend, and I believe will be visiting Archery tomorrow night.

      I can teach a class on the Kells miniscule, or a rare hand called the Beneventan Miniscule. Or we can just sit around and chat and look at books. :)

      I am starting early at 6:30 with a pot of spaghetti. Come by after work--you dont need to bring any materials.

      My address is 978 Walter Avenue, Des Plaines, and the house phone is 847-824-3814 (call after 5:30).

      Hope to see some new faces!