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7913Photo Shoot Fund Raiser

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  • Jenna Klauss
    Mar 20, 2013
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      Photo Shoot Fundraiser at Stone Dog Inn!!!

      Have you ever looked in your closet at the amazing court garb, and
      realized that you do not have an appropriate location to take a
      picture. Would it be perfect to have a picture of you in this amazing
      piece to hang on your wall?

      We can make that a reality! Step back in time! Have pictures that look
      like you were there in the Renaissance era. Let our experienced
      photographers bring your garb to life with a beautiful photograph. As
      this is a fundraiser, we are asking for donations, suggesting $10.00.
      We will be raising money to assist a dear friend that was just
      recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
      Offering twenty minute blocks with our experienced photographers in
      one of the many beautiful locales that Ida Noyes has to offer.
      Outside, weather permitting, or in would make for an amazing, time
      traveling backdrop. This is an opportunity to immortalize your
      fantastic court garb.

      Digital files will be emailed to you for your convenience via drop box
      where you will get an invite to join and view the files. There will be
      a form to fill out with your contact information and where you would
      like us to send the files. Reserve your time and guarantee your slot
      with one of our photographers. Email me off list @ jak238 at gmail dot
      com. Please pass this along to any group that I may have missed!!!

      Yours In Service,

      Baroness Keiley Duchem

      PS We still have plenty openings!

      Jenna Klauss

      SCA; Baroness Keiley Duchem
      Unum exercituum
      “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed
      to help you discover who you are.”
      ~ Bernice Johnson Reagon ~