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7884Dance at Stone Dog

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  • Rob Hicks
    Mar 8, 2013
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      Greetings gentles of Ayreton,

      For those who desire it, dance will be had at Stone Dog Inn on March 23rd

      There will be dance prep at 1pm
      followed by an afternoon ball from 2 - 4pm

      Any and musicians who can play a dance piece are greatly desired!

      Here is our suggested set list...

      Set 1
      Carolingian or Belle Qui Pavane  
      Jenny Pluck Pears
      Rufty Tufty  
      Black Alman  
      Heralds in Love  

      Set 2
      Rostiboli Gioioso
      Petite Vriens    
      Gracca Amorosa

      Set 3
      Horse Bransle  
      Montarde Branle  
      Official Bransle  
      Pease Bransle

      Set 4
      Sellengers Round
      Upon a Summer's Day
      Hearts Ease
      Gathering Peascods

      Set 5: Bonus Italian set w/recorded music (or live music, if 
      musicians are in the mood) if there is time
      Fiamma D' Amore  
      Ballo Del Fiore
      Saltarello La Regina
      Bella Gioiosa
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