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7873Forward -- SCA settlement refund for local groups

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  • Thomas Penyngton
    Feb 27, 2013
      Just an FYI, so folks are aware:
      From the Midrealm facebook group:

      Úlfr Rauðskegg Wrote:
      Unto the groups of the Middle Kingdom does Bantiarna Briana Morgan of
      the Valley and the members of the Midrealm Financial Committee send

      As you know the SCA Inc, has settled with the insurance company and
      received a portion of the funds back. In general terms the populace was
      told two-thirds. When the Middle Kingdom received the check and compared
      to the amount paid it equated to 70 percent returned.

      The Financial Committee is willing to return 70 percent of the amount
      paid to each group, but are running into a financial constraint.

      Due to Kingdom Level events not making as much as was budgeted and the
      Pennsic Profit half of its expected income, the Kingdom is currently
      experiencing a budgetary shortfall in comparison to budgeted expenses.
      To offset the shortfall from the lower Pennsic Profit share, we ask each
      group consider if they could afford to have less than the 70 percent
      returned. Please respond to exchequer@... with your group's
      decision no later than 9 March 2013.

      Any non-response will be taken as a no and the returned funds will be at
      the 70 percent rate.