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7746Re: [Ayreton] Bleachery fabric shopping--need advice!

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  • KCMalone3@aol.com
    Dec 28, 2012
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      I believe they are closed on one day (always seems to be the day I try and stop by). I would definitely call before you go.
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      On 12/28/2012 10:11 PM, Fern wrote:

      Dear Ayreton people,

      How do I find that fabric place called the Bleachery? How do I spell the name?

      I have visitors this week who want to go fabric shopping, and I think that the Bleachery is the biggest fabric store in Chicago, right? But I don't know its address or phone number.

      Can anyone help me?

      Many thanks!


          You may have the wrong name.  The Bleachery (now known as Aurora Specialty Textiles - unless it's changed again) is out in Aurora, and has a large selection of industrial remnants that they sell VERY inexpensively.  The selection is limited and you never know what the may or may not have available.  The hours are likewise limited (I think 9-2 M-F last I checked).
          If indeed it that is what you are looking for - their website is: http://www.auroratextile.com/contactus.htm


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