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7715Request for award recommendations

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  • BaronessBaron Ayreton
    Dec 18, 2012
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      With 12th Night planned as our next court, we would be happy to entertain suggestions for award
      recipients.  We still need to be cautious in posting award names, as they are still in flux due to the college of heralds procedures. However, we can specify what is already a standard for our ‘pretty promissory notes’ aka awards given so far, with names subject to change: 


      Orders (may be given out only once)

      - Riain’s Star (Youth award—name has passed)

      - Fighter award (all styles:heavy, light…)

      - Arts

      - Service


      Awards (may be awarded multiple times)

      -Service: one award- multiple types (current plan is up to 7), designated by color. Current color
      designations include Orange for troop support. Blue for general
      help/toting/lifting hauling, etc.

      We're also happy to consider other award ideas. 
      Please let us know your recommendations off-list.

      THL Nadezda ze Zastrizl,  Captain Henry of Exeter
      Baroness, Baron Ayreton