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  • Blair Peterson
    Dec 5, 2012
      What's that? You say you shoot archery in the Barony of Ayreton...even in a part time fashion? Well then if that's the case, please email me (at "stoutmaker@...") with your SCA name, mundane name, e-mail address and street address so that we can add you to the roster of the Ayreton archery community for this years Domesday reporting and help show the rest of the middle Kingdom just how healthy our archery community is.

      Know a friend that you know shoots archery, please tell them to PM me with this information.

      I would like to have this information by next Monday , so please send this by this weekend if at all possible, as I did not get a database of this information from the outgoing marshal, so this will help GREATLY!

      Lukas Mesmer
      Ayreton Archeyr Marshall
      Ayreton Archery Champion