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7666RE: [Ayreton] Thanks from the Head Cook--Arrrgggg

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  • Tom Hughes
    Nov 5, 2012

      AWESOME feast.




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      Hi all--

      We had an amazing crew both planned and unplanned helping us prepare for feast.

      First and foremost, the day would NOT have been anywhere NEAR successful without the awesome planning skills and knowledge base of Gianetta and Tacit.  And, an extra thanks to Gianetta for giving me the needed boots in the butt to keep me moving, planning and communicating.  At one point I got so panicked that I shut down, and it was the steady encouragement and help of those two wonderful women that made it happen.

      Now, for the crew, and I really really really hope I don't forget anyone.  And I apologize now for any name slaying (spelling isn't period, right?)

      Cezara Cel Asmanare
      (Terra Vail)
      Nancy Gansinger and daughter
      (she did introduce me, but it was kinda hectic)
      (the other Katarina)
      Kara Atladottir/Kellie (who also made the wonderful syrups)
      rc (Tony Satoh)
      issande (Melissa Gordon)
      (griller extraordinaire of eggplants)
      Becca (whose SCA name escapes me at the moment)
      Abbess Katherine
      Nicholaa (Nora)
      y (Aggie)
      Aengus O'Nolan
      --for providing the wonderful honey for the honey cakes!
      Twm and Anna....for helping clean up and put away and tote and fetch after the rest of us were all exhausted!


      Please please please, If I missed anyone (and trust me, with the day I'm having I might have) I totally apologize, and please stand up and be counted.  You all totally rocked!



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