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7579Impromptu Rapier Games for Foxhunt VIII

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  • Justice Napier
    Sep 21, 2012
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      Greetings All,

      Since I found myself unable to take on the long drive to Rose Tourney, I've offered to be MIC for Rapier at Fox Hunt.

      I've got a melee scenario and a tourney planned, followed by pick-ups till you drop.  I tried to stick somewhat to their viking themed event.

      As always pick-ups and auths in the morning.


      Herd the Sheep Melee

      Planning to use the sheep from the armour-free challenge being held that day.   Simple idea, get the sheep to the longhouse before others can stop you or steal your sheep.   If a sheep is used as a parry device, it is dead on the field and not a point anymore (so don’t kill the sheep).


      “Let me see what you got there?” Tourney

      A Double Elimination tourney.  Fighters will enter the field with a chosen weapon style, approach their opponent, and say “Let me see what you got there?”   Fighters will declare what style they are fighting, and in which hand in the instance they say “Offhand Single”.  Then a coin is flipped by the marshal after labeling one fighter ‘heads’ and one ‘tails’.   Winner of the coin toss then picks which of the weapon styles, of the two brought to the field, they will use.  The loser takes the remaining style.  In the case of a style you are unauthorized in, revert to single sword.  Coin toss may be changed to Rock/Paper/Scissors/Lizard/Spock upon the fighter’s and/or marshal’s whim.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock


      So Bob comes out with Sword and Cloak

      And Tom comes out with Sword and Buckler

      Bob wins the coin toss.  Bob chooses Sword and Buckler, leaving Tom with Sword and cloak because either:

      1) He knows Tom is not great with Sword and Cloak


      2) He feels more confident with Sword and Buckler, and isn't sure of Tom's talent with sword and Cloak, but knows Tom is always using Sword and Buckler and is quite confident with it.

      Pirate Skirmisher, the New Viking Berserker

      Get your Skirmishing in.  Taunt, harass, and enrage your opponents.  Kill your opponent and move on to the next one.  Get in all the fighting that you could want.

      In Service,

      THL Justice McArtain

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