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7514Upcoming Metal and Glass Event in Calontir

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  • Verena Entenwirt
    Aug 17, 2012
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      I wanted to remind everyone about the upcoming Metal and Glass event down in Calontir over Labor Day weekend


      I know there is a local event happening ( MKAOD), but there will be quite a few Middle Kingdom people heading down, and we will most likely be doing a Middle Kingdom encampment.  I will be leaving the Chicagoland area on Friday ( Rogers Park, Lake shore Drive to 55 straight down), and do have room for a few additional passengers if anyone is interested  

      The Hands On Classes ( most where you get to leave with a finished item) include:
      Cope-and-Drag Casting
      Making Your Own Mandrels  
      Glass Segmented Beads - The Basics and Beyond  
      Youth Mosaics  
      Viking Wire Weaving  
      Or Nue Embroidery Technique  
      Knife Making
      Brass Piercework
      Kiln Fired Enameling
      Beginning Lampworking  
      Twisties & Stringers
      Dots & Beyond  
      Encased Florals  
      Forged Penannular Brooch
      Forged Bodkin Arrowheads
      Basic Blacksmithing: S-hooks
      Introduction to Repoussé and Chasing  
      Spangen Helm  
      Make and Take Medallion Workshop
      Bronze Casting I – Early Period Piece Moulds  
      Bronze Casting II - Late Period Foundry Practices  
      Dress Accessories Class
      Make Your Own Birka Band  
      Basic Hammerwork  
      Zen Forgery  
      Basic Pierce Work                                        
      Introduction to Period Flat Gilding
      Fused Wire Loop-in-Loop chains
      Wire Linked Necklace
      Glass Painting                                  
      Beginners Stained Glass
      Introduction to Glassblowing- Small Ornaments                                  
      Introduction to Glassblowing- 3 Pieces
      Plique-a-jour Enameling
      13th Century Wire Jewelry
      Glass-Head Veil Pins

      The Demonstration Classes Include:
      Ancient Glass Bead Making    
      Embellishment for Blacksmiths
      Demonstrations of Making Basic Plate Locks
      Blacksmith's Fire
      Basic  Metallurgy for the SCA Craftsman
      Period Stained Glass Demonstration
      Glassblowing Demonstration    

      The Lectures Classes Include:
      Early Anglo-Saxon Glass and Metal
      Beginners Enameling Lecture  
      Understanding the Period Aesthetic  
      Basics of Turn-Key Lock Making
      Birka Bands Lecture
      Multi-part Soapstone Mold Design for Pewter Casting

      And there is Open Equipment Time:
      Open Torch Time
      One on one Basic Blacksmithing Work Time (S hooks and Tent stakes)
      Open Blacksmithing Work Time
      Open Workshop - Soapstone Mold Carving & Pewter Casting
      Glassblowing Open work time    

      Baroness Verena Entenwirth
      Give me your unclothed, your unfed, your sober masses
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