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  • D'vorah bint Da'ud
    Aug 5, 2012
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      I'm making soaps fairly often these days, and a single mold just isn't enough anymore. Therefore, I've found some of the stupid-easiest plans for wooden soap loaf molds that there could possibly be, because that's about my speed, and I'm determined to make them.

      But I do have three more needs: a slab soap-cutting box/mold and a soap-cutting blade, sort of like these two objects:

      For some reason, Etsy won't let me back into my old (deactivated) account, BUT it also won't let me reuse the same email address for that account. *sigh* You'd THINK I could just go back in and either destroy that old account or reactivate it, or at least change the email address on it, but noooooo. So without that, I can't get in touch with the maker of this fine piece of equipment.

      Do any of our Ayreton woodworkers have the skills and time to make such a mold and cutter, preferably to the measurements I require? I need a mold that will make a slab of soap that can fit inside a USPS Flat Rate Medium box (the low flat one, not the one that's closer to cube shaped), once it's cured and shrunk a bit.

      I can't pay a lot, but I *can* barter. I'll make you a to-order batch of soap out of that mold, which ought to keep you and three or four other people clean for about a year. It will be scented or colored as you wish (including not at all, if that's your preference), within my capabilities; and I can leave out any ingredients to which you're allergic, sensitive, or you just don't like the smell of them. If you like, I can even make you a fully period (or earlier!) soap that will be something you can proudly take to events and show off and say, "Oh, yes, it was made especially for me. It's period for my persona." Or of course I can also make you a fully modern, fancy soap -- those don't work any better or worse than period soaps, but sometimes they do use New World ingredients. ;)

      If anyone's able and willing, contact me on the list or privately and I'll let you know the measurements I need for the finished items.
      D'vorah bint Da'ud
      Middle Kingdom, Midlands, Ayreton, Tree-Girt-Sea (Chicago, IL)
      Twitter: @DvorahSCA
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