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7482Re: Last Minute Pennsic Notes

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  • Verena Entenwirt
    Aug 1, 2012
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      Gack! this is what I get for writing these AFTER I pack...I think I
      packed my head. Let's try this again, in a slightly easier to read

      Schedule of events that might interest Ayreton Folks
      Sunday- Opening Ceremonies. There will be group singing as the army
      marches in, and our Baroness will be under the Ayreton Canopy
      Tuesday Morning- 10:30 Ayreton Archery Group Shoot. Meet at the Archery Field
      Tuesday Evening- 7:30 Ayreton court & food is being prepared by HE
      Sarafina in the Grey Gargoyles camp
      Wednesday 8am-10am- Bacon and Bocce in the Midlands Camp ( Occupied
      Otters). Please bring money donations for the wounded warrior project.
      Thursday- Armored Woods Battle- Stand in Angels will be doing the Soup
      Kitchen in Block B02. Please come help (1-3).
      Thursday Evening- Middle Kingdom Court- Barn
      Friday- Rapier Woods Battle- Stand in Angels will be doing the Soup
      Kitchen in Block B02. Please come help (10-12).

      Points of Interest/Things to remeber:
      1. If you need our most beloved Baroness she will be camping with the
      Great Dark Horde ( E07)
      2. Please don't forget to shoot photos of your fellow Ayretonians for
      the Ayreton Photo Challenge.
      3. Hillary and Bill from Foxvale will be the stand in Angels these
      year at Pennsic. If you have spare time PLEASE come help them help our
      4. Bridget and Myself will be the stand in "Soup" Angels for the woods
      battles. If you have spare time PLEASE come help us in B02 (Theives

      Camps of Interest ( and where to find people)
      Block E07- Great Dark Horde- Baroness Nadeza, the lovely Baroness of Ayreton
      Block- W07- Grey Gargoyles Camp
      Block- N21- Midlands Camp
      Block W01- Midrealm Royal.- Baroness Verena Entenwirth, Ayreton Seneshal
      Block B02- Thieves Camp
      Block B8- Von B camp (with a whole lot of Midlands and Vanished Woods Peeps)

      Also on a slightly more "emergency" basis. I will have my phone on me
      ALL war ( I must for work), along with my marine battery for charging.
      If you need to reach someone at Pennsic due to an emergency I will be
      camping in Midrealm Royal ( look for the duck banner) and my cell
      phone is 224-433-0213 I do recommend texting first as I don't normally
      answer calls from people I don't know. I also will be checking emails
      regularly for non-emergency messages.

      I am now officially off work!
      Baroness Verena Entenwirth
      Ayreton Seneshal
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