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7414Re: [Ayreton] Arts and sciences report

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  • D'vorah bint Da'ud
    Jul 8, 2012
      On 8 Jul 2012, at 4:19 PM, KelliV wrote:

      > Greetings!
      > It is time for me to tell of the great deeds of all of the talented artisans that reside or count themselves with Ayreton. Please inform me of these deeds so that I may sing your praises and brag about you all to the other Ministers of arts and sciences. :-)
      > Please privately email me a brief summary by Friday, July 13th as my report is due the 15th.
      > In service,
      > Kara Atladottir
      > Ayreton MOAS

      I, um. Made a batch of castile soap. Does that even count?
      D'vorah bint Da'ud
      Middle Kingdom, Midlands, Ayreton, Tree-Girt-Sea (Chicago, IL)
      Twitter: @DvorahSCA
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