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  • Sarafina Sinclair
    Jun 5, 2012
      Howdy Ayreton!!

      We have been remiss in sharing the great news; Ayreton is soon to have a new Pelican.

      Mistress Gianetta (Andreini da Vicenza) was asked to join the Order of the Pelican at this past Crown Tourney!

      Please congratulate her when you have the chance. She has represented Ayreton well and this is exciting news for the Barony. Details of her vigil and elevation are being worked out and will be announced as soon as possible.

      In service,

      ~Philip and Sarafina

      (And, apologies for not posting sooner. Ayreton tradition is to share this kind of great news as soon as possible. In all the excitement of the announcement, I forgot!! - pw) 

      Baroness Sarafina Sinclair, OL, OP
      Seneschal - Barony of Ayreton

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