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7330Masquerade Ball At KWAR / Known World Costume Symposium

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  • anthony_satoh
    May 30, 2012
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      An outstanding, super cool, really fun event is coming up and help is needed.

      There is a masquerade ball planned on Saturday evening at the Known World Academy of the Rapier AND Known World Costume Symposium. It has been suggested that we combine the dance with an A&S competition/display. I am the current Ayerton A&S champion and love many A&S activities, but I must admit I am not a dancer. I'm more of a wall flower. I would love to see a successful Masquerade Ball take place. I am currently working on a new outfit and I would love to wear it for the first time while sweating my *** off at a dance!

      Is there anyone who would be willing to aid in the instruction and/or coordination of activities as such a ball. I would be willing to learn a dance or two if I were properly instructed on the best methods of not stepping on my own toes (or others).

      Any ideas out there how we could best combine the Masquerade Ball with some sort of A&S completion/display/thingy!?
      Any and all ideas and volunteers welcome.

      You can find additional information regarding the event using the following two resources:
      Website: http://www.ravenslake.org/KWARhome.html
      FB Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/211361568961372/

      All questions, comments, suggestion and complaints (in moderation) are encouraged!