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7302Ayreton Brewers Guild - Under New Management

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  • Jennifer Tyderek
    May 9, 2012
      Our Fellow Ayretonians,
      For those of you who were not at the recent Baronial Populace Meeting, we announced there that, with the full support of the previous officers, we have taken over as the officers of the Ayreton Brewers' Guild.  As one of our first acts we asked for and received official permission to use the name Ayreton in our title.
      Given that our area of expertise lies in organization, although we do brew, we have been working to identify experts in the areas of brewing that we are not as familiar with.  We are thrilled to announce that Ansel has agreed to be the Guild's Liaison for Honey-Based Beverages.
      We are currently in the process of identifying meeting locations that will allow us to bring in and share our liquid endevors.  If you have any suggestions, please contact us off list.  Once we have a location/date/time, we will report back.
      Finally, we are very excited about the opportunity to work with the many talented brewers in the Barony to revitalize the Brewers Guild.
      Baroness Jane the Tall            Lady Anne d'Aix
      President                               Secretary
      a.k.a. High Fermentarian         a.k.a. Chief Yeast Botherer