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7288Fw: [AyretonOfficers] Meeting Notes from Curia Meeting April 29th

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  • Ashton G.A Schoeffler-Miller
    Apr 30, 2012
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      Courtesy of Her Excellency Verena,

      The Minutes of the Baronial Curia Meeting.
      Herr Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen
      12th Night in T-G-S 2013, Event Steward
      Baronial Pursuivant Ayreton
      Protègè to Master Etienne le Couteau des Roches, OP

      Feel free to use and post as you please. Will type up the shorter
      Populace notes and send them to the general Ayreton List.

      Ayreton Curia Meeting

      Meeting Minutes
      April 29, 2012
      Call to order at 6:15 pm  at Molly Malones down in Forest Park (Rokkhealden)

      Officers Present:
      Baron Henry of Exeter
      Baroness Nadezda ze Zastrizl
      Deputy Seneschal: Verena Entenwirth
      Webminister: Lord Dunstan Bramblette
      Knights Marshal: Lord Gareth Ostwestly
      Herald: Herr Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen
      Minister of Arts and Sciences: Lady Kara Atladottir
      Archery Marshal: Lord Lukas Mesmer
      Seneschal: Baroness Sarafina Sinclair, OL, OP

      A.        Officer Reports
      Baron & Baroness Report:
      Due to attendance, Ayreton will not have an Ayreton Encampment at Pennsic
               i.      Baroness Nadezda will be present at Pennsic, so if
      you need her please find her on Horde Hill
               ii.      Ayreton will be ghosting a space
      Baronesses War
                 i.      Ayreton (in good humor and lots of shtick) has been
      declared war upon by the other Baronies of the Middle Kingdom
                 ii.      Current plan is to have the war at Rampart Rampage
      2013, and have it be a regional war.
                 iii.      Feel free to shtick it up

      Marshal Report:
      Possible new Foxvale fighter practice to be starting soon in Aurora

      Web Minister Report:
      Please check out the new website. Positive and constructive criticism
      is encouraged.
                i.      Still working on the website- would like to change
      over to a side bar style
               ii.      Modeling semi-after the functionality of the
      Cleftlands website
      Looking for volunteers to help with creating a php baronial award
      recommendation submission

      Heralds Report:
      Has reworked all the badge and submissions with the proper number of
      copies. Just needed new signatures, and new checks.
      Still working on a concept behind the Order of the Gayle
      Created a deputy office of the Baronial Signet
                 i.      To handle the handing out of Baronial scroll work
                  ii.      First Baronial Signet is going to be Elianora Saunfayle
      New Drop Dead Deputy- Berngard Solgai…aka Moose

      A&S Report:
      A&S Reports
          i.      Received 4 of the 5 cantons A&S reports. Still looking to
      hear any confirmation from the 5th canton on any state of their A&S
      Kingdom Craftsperson Faire
            i.      Kingdom A&S Minister is contemplating moving the Kingdom
      Craftsperson faire to RUM (which also happens to be in Vanished Woods)
            ii.      Would fall under the responsibility of Ayreton to
      organize and handle
            iii.      Currently looking for volunteers.
      Volunteers for Pennsic Flag Project
              i.      A call went out to help make new (canvas?) flags for
      the Middle Kingdom Royal Encampment for Pennsic. Ayreton will most
      likely agree to help out… Number and details to be discussed later

      Archery Report:
      Winter Challenge
            i.      Ayreton posted over 31% of all scores (middle?)
            ii.      7 had more than 1 score in various categories.
      Spring/summer Challenge
            i.      There will be a spring/summer challenge. More
      information to come soon
            ii.      Aethelwolf has already created some of the targets
      needed for the Spring Challenge
      Sunday (outdoor) practice
          i.      Besides the weekly weds practice down in Forest Park,
      there is also occasionally a Sunday practice up north at
      Northbrook/Glenview High school
          ii.      The usual hours are 11-3 depending on the weather and
      school schedule
      Midlands Regional Archery Championship
            i.      A majority of the archers at the Midlands Regional
      Archery championship at Armoured Easter Egg Hunt were Ayreton Archers.
            ii.      Ayreton Archers placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
            iii.      The new Midlands Archery Champion is Dougale
      MacAlestyr (making the midlands champion an Ayreton Fighter 3 years in
      a row)

      Seneschal Report:
      i.      Officers wanting to run for an office, or would like to keep
      their office need to declare at the April 29th Populace Meeting.
      ii.      Current terms are 1 year each
      iii.      No term limits
      Thank you
      i.      Mistress Sarafina wanted to thank all of the officers for
      their hardwork and dedication on helping to continue to run the behind
      aspects of the Barony.

      B.        Old Business
      Due to the current schedule and no bids there will be no SUMMER
      Ayreton Carnivale. This will also allow greater prep for the
      Baronessess War in 2013
      Lord Dunstan Bramblette propesed doing a dancing carnivale in the fall
      (Sept or Oct)

      C.        New Business
      No new business.

      Meeting was adjourned at 6:41

      Baroness Verena Entenwirth
      Give me your unclothed, your unfed, your sober masses

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