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7247Fashion Show at Stone Dog

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  • vrayhill
    Apr 11, 2012
      Hello good tailors and dressmakers,

      If you are planning to join in the fashion show, please give me a heads up so I know how many people to plan for.

      Also, if you want to e-mail me ahead of time the description of your outfit that will be read while you show off your fine fashions on the catwalk, you may do that as well. I aready have received one entrants short story.

      Dont worry, you *can absolutely* sign up to be in the fashion show, and write up you serious or silly description on a 3X5 card on Saturday.

      Everyone who enters the show will receive a token, and there will be prizes!

      Come one and all and cheer on the contestants at 2pm in the Theater.

      To RSVP and send me your info card: vrayhill(at)yahoo(dot)com.

      Looking forward to Saturday,
      Dame Jocelyn